Rice farming and 88 processes

There are 88 processes involved in making rice. Today, everything is done by machines, but there are people who are trying to do all 88 processes by hand. The result is an understanding of the essence of nature. It is a very fun challenge.

Baking organic bread on JOTUL wood stove

Baking bread in an old Scandinavian wood stove Trees cut by a chainsaw powered by natural waste oil Thinking through sustainable living wherever we go View this post on Instagram A post shared by LUNAVIRE (@lunavire_jpn)

The scent of Kyukaruizawa after the rain

The most important factor in choosing your favorite place on earth might be the scent and atmosphere of that area. The scent of the soil of Kyuukaruizawa, surrounded by refreshing air and trees growing at 1000m altitude, amazes me completely. Living on this planet I took the long way many times, and although the journey […]

Natural moss.

Moss is now popular with Japanese bonsai lovers. Shimamaki Village, which is covered by Biastra, grows a lot of wonderful natural moss. Many microorganisms live in the soil. Great scent, great color, great space production I hope we can deliver moss to you someday.   この投稿をInstagramで見る   LUNAVIRE(@lunavire_jpn)がシェアした投稿