The lunavire staff is working on a variety of strategies to bond the relay members.

magocoro: Make your own sofa side table

I’m shooting a PV infomercial video for a relay interview article with Mr. Wataru Sogo of magocoro, a furniture maker in Karuizawa. I had him plan and make a sofa side table with great skill. I’m looking forward to its completion. When this product is completed, I would like to sell it in the online […]

Shunsuke: Development [Sea Breeze Maple Syrup] 100% Organic

Sea Breeze Maple Syrup, No.1 Extra Virgin (unfiltered) is ready! When you filter out the sediment, you get that clear maple syrup. However, we decided to leave it unfiltered because we wanted to enjoy all of nature’s bounty! Shunsuke Yoshizawa Sakuranosakutokoro CEO