LUNAVIRE BHAG: Relay Journals Episode 10,921 & 29.5 day cycle

LUNAVIRE produced relay Story [Meaning of name] Luna + Navire = LUNAVIRE [Domain & Server founding day] December  25, 2020 (X’mas) [Our Journal] AARIOC | Color-themed relay journal BIASTRA | Natural Environment-themed relay journal TABLENOTE | Resort-themed relay journal [BHAG] 10,921 Relay Episode (circumference of the moon ≒ 10,921km) Publication of articles every 29.5 days (synodic month ≒ 29.5days) […]

LUNAVIRE’s first post

With “Material that creates the world” as the theme, I strive to weave a substantial relay journal that will sublimate us to achieve cosmic consciousness. With the harmony of my three relay media tracks and their content, I aim to become one of the top relay rankers in the world, and lead everyone on this […]