Wataru Sogo <br> magocoro CEO

wataru sogo magocoro ceo

~ Let’s make the furniture we need together ~ PROFILE Wataru Sogo 十川 渉 magocoro CEO Born April 11, 1979 in Kochi Prefecture, Type AB. A furniture craftsman who creates original furniture, exterior and garden designs for life in Karuizawa, and delivers unconventional products with sincerity to meet the diverse needs of customers. After 13 […]

Mikio Shinohara <br> REALIZE CEO

PROFILE Shinohara Mikio | 篠原幹雄 REALIZE CEO ~The important thing is not to lie. And keep your promise~ Born in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture in 1974. President of Realize Co., Ltd. which designs and builds fully custom homes in Karuizawa. He worked as a carpenter at a young age and eventually became independent with his […]